Genesis 5:24 And Enoch walked [in habitual fellowship] with God
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 Answers on some WHY questions
 1. Why the name eNochlist?

While praying, one evening, I asked the Lord if I could send out a newsletter and what  I should call it.  I censed in my spirit to read Gal 5:16. So I opened up the Amplified bible and read: "But I say, walk and live [habitually] in the [Holy] Spirit [responsive to and controlled and guided by the Spirit]" When I read habitually it struck me. Gen 5:24 says that Enoch walked in habitual fellowship with God.

My focus is to point people through word and deed to an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus. I know that Jesus will take them into a personal and intimate relationship with God the Father. Thus reconciling man to God.

The focus of The eNochlist is pointing you to Jesus.  I ask you to hold me accountable to these words.

 2. Why do I use these three colours, Blue, White and Gold?

According to the book Martin van der Merwe wrote: Hearing God Dream Dictionary (on sale here) The meaning of the following colours are:

It means that you must keep faith, even if you are in a struggle for the Lord is fighting for you, victory is near. It shows that the Lord is completing the work He is doing in your life. It also points to deep levels of trust. To round of complete. (Ex 28:23)
Spiritual: Shows the presence of the Holy Spirit. (Eph 4:4, Judg 13.25)

It shows that Father regards you as very precious (Zech 1:5) It can be glory as in a personal victory or it can represent the glory and presence of God that is shining over a person (Rev 21:11,18) it shows that the person has gone through a period of purification and can expect to walk in victory (1Pet 1:7, 2Pet 1:17) It can also show that the person will receive a financial reward [money] that is in excess above what they expect (Mat 2:11)
Symbolic: Gold represents glory and victory like the gold of a victor's crown (Rev3:18, Rev 4:4)

It is a symbol of Holiness and purity. (Lev 16:4, Lev 16:32, 2Chron 5:12) Purity and spotless nature and life of a person. The holiness of God's members, their faith and conversation (Gen 49:12). Christ like, innocent, clean, clarity, restored. (Ecc 9:8, Dan 7:9) Praise and worship, glory, victory and happiness (Rev 3:5) Divine judgment. (Ex 4:6, 2Kings 5:27)

Summary: We walk victoriously with God by faith, even when we are in a struggle, knowing that Jesus through His glorified Spirit is present in us and will complete the work in and through us, making us holy and pure, allowing us to walk into the glory and presence of God the Father, where He announces that we are His precious sons.

 3. Why is there an Eagle on the emblem?

Golden Eagle
God represents glory. excellence and special move of God (Kings 5:5) God our provider (Hag 2:8). Can therefore show the promise of earthly riches. (Job 3:15, Job 22:24, Is 2:7, Mat 10:9, Acts 3:6, Acts 20:33, Rev 8:12) but can also refer to spiritual riches stored up in heaven (Mat 6:19, Act 17:29, 1Pet 1:7, 1Pet 3:3, Jam 5:3). Can symbolise a great victory or blessing.
 4. Why is the e so prominent in the logo?

The e in Enoch is prominent to represent the fact that the newsletter is an electronic newsletter.

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